Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite disrupts the risk, time and costs required to deliver all types of SAP®, Oracle® EBS, and Salesforce changes. We are passionate about the need to make your ERP more agile and align it with your business. Powered by big data analytics and aggregating since 2008, Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite delivers insights that tell you what will break, how to fix it and what to test. It is constantly improving and finding smarter ways to perform everything from day-to-day maintenance to major projects. 1,220 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, use the Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite to enhance and maintain their enterprise apps without skipping a beat.


Powered by Big Data Analytics

Panaya sits atop a gold mine of more than 7.5 billion lines of code, from 27,000 customer analysis and 5 million test script transactions. Panaya automatically transforms this big data into insights by constantly seeking for patterns and applies it to our solutions so you benefit from best practices in each of your projects.

The Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite features these key capabilities:

Panaya Insight - Big data analytics is applied to the millions of anonymized ERP project activities performed on our platform. The generated insights are made available to customers through Panaya Insights – specific fix and test recommendations for your ERP projects.

Test Management - Simplifies testing activities of any business driven / IT driven project, with full visibility and control. The service provides end-to-end test planning, cycle management, test execution management and defect management. Up and running in less than two hours.

Test Execution with QC Acceleration - Enables business users, functional experts and testers to capture professional test scenarios - for simple or complex business processes - and translates them into comprehensible, simple to follow test scenarios.

Change Impact Simulation - Predicts full impact of change, before changes are made. Informs you which functionality will break, how to fix it, and what to test.

Code Cleansing - Eliminates redundant cloned programs and unused code and reduces your custom code base by up to 50%. The service pinpoints deadweight ABAP code regardless of when it was written and which naming conventions were used.

Code Remediation - Creates usable fixes, many of them automated that you can review from the application and optionally download to your development system. Suggests proven code corrections identified by change impact simulation. Eliminates the risk of critical production issues post go-live.


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