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A Small Startup’s Secrets to Scoring Big Name Clients

Just a few big name clients can make or break a startup in the enterprise space. Landing business from Fortune 500, or even 100, corporations gives young companies validation and legitimacy, not to mention revenue. However, it is extremely difficult to land these clients as a small startup. Large corporations with large budgets also come with large needs, which means their CIOs and IT buyers are understandably skeptical that startups are up to the task.


S/4HANA – the ERP Pain Killer and SAP’s Next Big Thing!

What is this new S/4HANA that Bill and Hasso keep talking about? (That’s SAP CEO Bill McDermott and SAP Chairman Hasso Plattner.)


Forbes: Panaya Can Help You Reach ERP Nirvana

What are the best tools for automating your ERP suite? Panaya is one of them, according to a recent article in Forbes.


Revealed: Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

For over 100 years, treasure hunters have sought out Coca-Cola’s secret recipe. It is rumored to be hidden in a vault in Atlanta. Or not? We proudly present Coca-Cola’s secret recipe – with a touch of ERP and humor!

Coca-Cola's Secret Recipe

Intrigued? Click here to read the complete Coca-Cola Secret Recipe!


ABB Brazil Infographic – SAP Testing With and Without Panaya Test Center

ABB Brazil recently started using Panaya Test Center for their SAP testing. The results are astounding! SAP testing preparation took 160 hours, and with Panaya took only 2 hours. Test management took 440 hours without Panaya and 120 hours with Panaya. Panaya Test Center changed the way ABB Brazil approaches SAP testing. Take a look at this infographic and share it with your friends!


Breaking News: Forrester to Announce Live: New Era of ERP Testing Automation

Automation is the key to gaining the speed and agility that ERP applications require.

Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice is set to announce the start of a new era of ERP testing automation.


Blast from the Past – Avoid the Pitfalls in SAP EHP7

Cassettes, 8 track, vinyl and .. EHP7! It’s time for a blast from the past. Let’s revisit our most popular SAP blog post..


1 More Killer Oracle EBS Feature That You Can’t Afford to Miss

In the Oracle® E-Business Suite ecosystem, usage information is all about knowing which components are in use, and which are not in use. Unfortunately, Oracle does not provide a central usage dashboard.


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