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It’s Not Easy Being the CIO – the Trick is Learning How to Say “Yes” and Not “Yes, But”

“I am more than happy to add this business function. What part of our agreed plan should I remove?” This oft-repeated sentence is said by CIOs around the world every day.


Oracle Releases E-Business 12.2.4 and Interrupts IT’s Sunny Summer Vacation

With many IT managers at Disney or soaking in the sun, the new Oracle EBS 12.2.4 released on 08/08/2014 offers incredible enhancements for both business and IT professionals.


Tap into EBS Usage to Save Time and Reduce Risk

In the Oracle® E-Business Suite ecosystem, usage information is all about knowing which components are in use, and which are not in use. Unfortunately, Oracle does not provide a central usage dashboard.


Panaya Saves Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies 80 Percent on SAP Testing Time

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FFDB) has cut 80% off its SAP testing time and is implementing service packs between 20 and 25 percent faster.


Oracle EBS Functional Releases – Panaya vs Blind Testing

Panaya Blog Editor’s Note: Asaf Melamed is our Oracle EBS Solutions Manager. In this colorful conversation, he compares Panaya to blind testing.

“Let’s talk about a typical Oracle EBS testing scenario.


“Our company doesn’t use Excel for application testing.” “Um. Yes we do, boss!”

Blog Editor’s note: In his last post, Panaya’s Director of Product Management for Testing Solutions Serge Lazimi, discussed the disadvantages of using Excel for functional testing. In this second of the series, Serge presents answers and closes with a not-to-be-missed anecdote.


Panaya CTO Reveals New Test Management for ERP

Blog Editor’s Note: In less than two months, Panaya will release a new and revolutionary version of the Panaya Quality Management Cloud. Our R&D team has worked around the clock for over a year to put this together. Panaya CTO Mati Cohen will be dropping occasional hints in this and future blog posts. Get ready!


Panaya’s Got Soul, Man!

SAP Solman (Solution Manager) is a great application lifecycle management (ALM) platform designed by our friends at SAP and Soul Man is a song sung by Elwood and Jake Blues (Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi) from the 1980 classic film The Blues Brothers.


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