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SAP Releases HANA Service Pack 9 – Prepare For Your Budget Savings!

Breaking SAP News – Are you ready for HANA Service Pack 9? SAP has unleashed an October surprise that HANA admins and CIOs should read about now.

HANA SP9 adds support for:


Guess Who’s Back? The Return of Optional Downtime in Oracle EBS 12.2.4

It’s back, as if it never left! I’m referring to “downtime”, brought back in Oracle EBS 12.2.4! The Oracle EBS community are like the hardcore Star Wars fans – they loudly say what they think on every forum and to every live microphone. And they clearly missed patching downtime.


Get an A+ with the Top 9 SAP Training Sources

You’re busy. Actually, you’re swamped. You don’t have time to wade through a massive search of all the SAP training options out there. Here’s a quick guide to 9 of what the top SAP experts consider the best sources for SAP training. From functional basics to must-read books, we’ve got you covered with our top 9!


5 Essential Tips to Avoiding the Pitfalls in SAP EHP7

Approximately 1 in 4 companies will perform an EHP upgrade in 2014. EHP7 is packed with 750 business functions – about 650 accumulated from previous EHPs and 100 or so new business functions covering financial accounting, logistics, HR, QM and HANA.


20 Customer Driven Do’s and Don’ts for Smart SAP Upgrades

Learning from other people’s mistakes is a lot smarter than learning from your own. It’s cheaper and saves a lot of time. The same goes for SAP upgrades. We’ve collected our 20 most useful customer driven “do’s and don’ts” for you in this insightful article.


Best SAP Webinars of the Summer of 2014

We hope you spent the summer at the beach, in the pool or anywhere but work. We have just the cure for your summertime blues! Panaya presents the 5 must-view SAP webinars of the summer of 2014.

Put away your towel, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the show!


Are You Using Oracle EBS’s Almost Hidden Customization Manager?

Are you still applying customizations with scripts? Do you track which customizations you have in which environment with Excel? Are you occasionally deleting customizations after cloning environments? Do you have problems with your SOX Auditor?

I feel your pain.


Look at SAP Fiori for the Future of ERP

The Panaya Blog Editor sat down with Panaya’s SAP guru Aviad Abutbul for a chat about SAP Fiori.

“Want to see the future of ERP? Easy – take a deep look at SAP Fiori. The entire world of ERP is going mobile and Fiori is setting the standard. A few years ago, SAP sent some of their people to chat with 250 customers and asked them, “What can we do to improve your SAP experience.” Guess what? They actually listened and the result is Fiori.


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