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3 Excellent Reasons to Upgrade from SAP ECC 5.0 to SAP ECC 6.0 Now

Are you still on SAP ECC 5.0? Why keep paying for extremely expensive customer specific maintenance? In the past year or so, we are seeing a growing number of customers approach us, looking for a cost-effective way to get out of the expensive and risky situation that they are in.


4 Essentials for Success in B2B Tech Content Marketing

Is B2B the scariest initials in the English language? In the dictionary, it should read – “Daunting, frightening and not for everyone.”


The Obvious Future of Cloud-Based Automation

The next time a friend asks you “what is a packaged application”, why not offer an honest answer? “A packaged application is spaghetti code with tens of thousands of configurations written over the last 20 years in a patchwork of patches.”


Quiz – What Kind of SAP Manager are You?

Do you answer questions from your key users with a sledgehammer? Do all SAP activities stress you out? Do you keep up to date on SAP via Mad Magazine and other not-to-be-mentioned publications? How many times a day do you say “no” to the business? Is SAP like a friend who hasn’t changed his haircut since Saturday Night Fever?

Yes? No? Depends on how many cups of coffee you’ve had today? Enjoy our first ever SAP quiz!

The S/4HANA Simple Finance Revolution!

FINAL Simple Finance webinar 990 header final (2)

If complexity is the killer of efficiency, then SAP’s new Simple Finance is the disruptive solution.


How to Improve and Nurture Regression Testing – the Necessary Evil of ERP

Regression testing is a necessary evil. Testing the same functionality over and over again just to see that the results are exactly the same and all systems are go. This is where the dream of automation fits like a glove, you script and automate these regression tests and with a click of a button you save all these hours of testing.


The Secrets to Achieving ERP Agility

It is time to throw your yearly ERP plan out the window and become agile all year long!

Traditionally, in ERP, you are used to long-term planning. You see ERP changes in terms of “one year at a time”. Scrum is the flexible methodology that allows you to keep your ERP current and never get “a few years behind” in your changes and upgrades.

ERP Agility

The 24 hour ERP change cycle is here and you need to prepare for it!

In our upcoming webinar, we discuss why scrum and ERP are a perfect match. Scrum is the key to ERP agility.

Click here to register now!

Take The World’s First Ever Funny ERP Literacy Test

Is Sapphire an expensive gem? Is the current version of SAP called Lollipop? Is Fiori an exquisite Italian vegetarian restaurant in Milan? Is Oracle R12 a distant relative of Star Wars robot R2-D2? Who is this HANA person that they keep talking about?

Test your ERP knowledge with the world’s first ever funny ERP literacy test. Whether you are ERP literate or not, you’re going to love the results!

Do yourself a favor and share your results with your ERP colleagues at work and around the world.

Now that you’ve finished confirming your own personal ERP disaster, why not read about some of the world’s biggest ERP mega disasters?!
ERP Mega Disasters

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