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Grupo Marquise in Brazil standardized on Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ for their Oracle EBS R12 upgrade

In 1974, engineers Erivaldo Arraes and José Carlos Pontes created the Marquise Construction Company, headquartered in the state of Ceará. Four years later, the company widened its area of activity and started building popular housing in the states of Maranhão, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte.


Breaking News! SAP GVP Sven Denecken to Talk S/4HANA and the Digital Economy

Mark September 2nd on your calendar! SAP GVP Sven Denecken will be presenting a webinar – “Leading in the Digital Economy with SAP S/4HANA.”


Unleash the Potential of your ERP at the New!

Welcome to the new! I encourage you to open our new site in a tab as you read along this article.

“CloudQuality Suite lets you see, understand and mitigate ERP change risks. With optimized scoping and accelerated ERP testing we ensure your change quality and agility.”


Panaya Education Blog – August Edition

It has been a couple of months since the release of the new version of the Panaya CloudQuality Suite, and I have already had the opportunity to educate (SAP / Oracle) quite a few customers about the updated look and feel as well as the new functionality within the product.


Panaya Testing Principles

ERP Testing is complex. I present you Panaya’s testing principles. Share, print and learn from our experience!


CIO Series – Critical SAP Rollout Lessons from Around the World

Imagine all of the experience that a CIO or VP IT gains from performing Rollouts all around the world. Haim Rozow was involved in over a dozen SAP Rollouts during his career. Some of his stories include:

• The Los Angeles startup, after go live, refused to actually *use* their new SAP system and report goods going in and out of the warehouse.
• The Vietnam plant that had world class good ERP habits.
• The French and German offices that didn’t want to move to SAP. What powerful Rollout lesson did Mr. Rozow learn along the way?

Learn a total of 6 Rollout lessons in this one-of-a-kind webinar. As a teaser, here is #2:

Rollout Lesson #2

Be on the lookout for “worst practices” that will disrupt your Rollout! Watch out for employees not using the ERP system. Make sure the ERP team is well staffed.

What are the other 5 SAP Rollout Lessons From Around the World?


SAP Rollout Lessons

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3 Excellent Reasons to Upgrade from SAP ECC 5.0 to SAP ECC 6.0 Now

Are you still on SAP ECC 5.0? Why keep paying for extremely expensive customer specific maintenance? In the past year or so, we are seeing a growing number of customers approach us, looking for a cost-effective way to get out of the expensive and risky situation that they are in.


4 Essentials for Success in B2B Tech Content Marketing

Is B2B the scariest initials in the English language? In the dictionary, it should read – “Daunting, frightening and not for everyone.”


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