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Breaking News: Forrester to Announce Live: New Era of ERP Testing Automation

Automation is the key to gaining the speed and agility that ERP applications require.

Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice is set to announce the start of a new era of ERP testing automation.


The noted Forrester analyst will speak about:

  1. How automation speeds up testing by focusing on the whole testing lifecycle
  2. What you need to do to prepare your ERP for more automation
  3. What is the new type of game-changing automation?

Click here to attend this must-see live webinar now!

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Blast from the Past – Avoid the Pitfalls in SAP EHP7

Cassettes, 8 track, vinyl and .. EHP7! It’s time for a blast from the past. Let’s revisit our most popular SAP blog post..


1 More Killer Oracle EBS Feature That You Can’t Afford to Miss

In the Oracle® E-Business Suite ecosystem, usage information is all about knowing which components are in use, and which are not in use. Unfortunately, Oracle does not provide a central usage dashboard.


The Ultimate Guide to ERP, SAP and Oracle EBS News

Where do you get your daily dose of ERP, SAP and Oracle EBS news? You can’t rely on the usual suspects – the NY Times and Washington Post are busy covering the boring news and ignore the exciting world of ERP.


What Happens When You Go #ERP on Twitter?

ERP on Twitter? Sounds like chocolate on a garden salad. But it’s not – Twitter is home to a never-ending ERP discussion. #ERP on Twitter is the perfect break when you’re going nuclear from whitepapers!


1 Killer Oracle EBS Feature That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Relieve your pain with the hidden Oracle EBS Customization Manager!


The Future of ERP Automation is Already Here

Hold on tight, ERP is about to change! The slow, manual-intensive world of ERP is on its way out.


IT Media Gives a Big Thumbs Up to Panaya Acquisition

The IT media didn’t waste a minute in showing their approval for Infosys’ acquisition of Panaya.


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