SAP Test Management

Cloud-based Test Management for SAP, Comprehensive, Easy & Affordable.

Panaya's test management is part of the Panaya Quality Management Cloud Platform. It is the only SaaS test management platform tailored to the unique needs of SAP testing.

The SAP Testing Management Challenge

SAP shops typically face tens of projects on a yearly basis that require testing of their SAP landscape. On   the business side, testing   is driven by projects such as new functional implementations, new processes, and rollouts. On the IT side, testing is driven by projects such as Enhancement Package upgrades, Support Pack Stacks, HR Support Packs, and system consolidation.

If you have HP Quality Center or SAP Solution Manager for test management, check out how Panaya extends these tools to accelerate SAP manual testing.


Managing the test scenarios, workflows, and testing activities involved in these projects is beyond the scope of any spreadsheet tool. On the other hand, traditional on-premise, professional services-heavy test management frameworks are overkill for most SAP shops.

Test Management Made Easy, at Last!

Designed from the ground up for the testing of SAP systems, Panaya Test Management for SAP provides you a comprehensive yet simple means of managing all the testing activities of your SAP projects. Being a cloud-based solution, no software or hardware installation is required; you will be up and running in less than two hours.

Integrated with the Panaya Quality Management Cloud Platform, which includes Change Impact Simulation to perform test scoping and Collaborative Test Execution, Panaya's Test Management provides you with an end-to-end solution for effective and efficient SAP functional testing.

Key Features


  • No Hardware
  • No Software
  • Non-Invasive
  • 2-hours Setup

SAP Functional Testing

Test less. Test Faster. Test Better

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    "Panaya gave us a crystal clear idea of what we would have to change."

    Rune Skovsgaard, IT Director JYSK

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    "It was like we were floundering around in the forest, and when we got Panaya, it was like all of a sudden we were given night vision goggles."

    Rose Clark, Senior Project Manager, Coldwater Creek

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    "The money that we spent with Panaya was more than justified."

    Bob Oldrati, Controller and IT Director Powell Electronics

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    "We were not only on time, we slipped the upgrade in a year early."

    Glen Griffin, Global Director of Application Development Newell Rubbermaid

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    "Thanks to Panaya, our upgrade was a non-event."

    Gerhard Mitton, Senior Department Manager The Foschini Group

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    "Panaya enabled us to spend much less time in the testing cycle than what we have done in the past."

    Francisco Flores, SAP Project Manager FEMSA Empaque

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    "Panaya looks too good to be true – but it really is that good!"

    Marie-Claude Alary, Manager of Business Process Systems Improvement Agropur

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    "We even had some senior managers asking us whether we actually went live – several of them expressed their amazement at how quiet it was."

    Mike Kemp, SAP Operations Manager, Centrica

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    "Without Panaya, I wouldn't have had a good idea of what to change; I wouldn't have known what was going to break."

    Joan Waddell, ABAP Programmer Aluma-Form

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    "We saved around 73 percent of what was originally budgeted for ABAP development."

    Carlos Gomez, SAP Manger Royal Resorts

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    "No exaggerations, Panaya saved us 80 percent of our project time."

    Syed Yaseen, SAP Programmer Minneapolis Public Schools

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    "Whether you’re doing your upgrade in-house or outsourcing it, Panaya allows you to hone in on the areas of SAP you need to be paying attention to."

    David Wascom, CIO, Summit Electric Supply

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    "Panaya was our one-stop shop for the project's analysis and task management."

    Michael Eckert, General Manager of SAP Applications Allegheny Energy

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    "It's not just the time saved, it's the results."

    Jeff Obrzut, Manager of SAP Development Travel Centers of America

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    "How does anyone implement support packages without Panaya?!"

    Shelly Hendee, SAP Support Team Manager Central Vermont Public Service

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    "I don't think the users noticed an upgrade had even happened"

    Barry Finn, IS Applications Project Manager Kingspan

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    "Eighty to ninety percent of our potential problems were taken care of by Panaya."

    Sanjeev Sharma, SAP Regional Support Manager Mercedes-Benz USA

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    "We plan to use Panaya for all our future upgrade and support package projects."

    Grégory Cagin, SAP upgrade programs Manager, SAP Competence Center PSA Peugeot Citroën

"Panaya gave us a crystal clear idea of what we would have to change."

Rune Skovsgaard, IT Director JYSK