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Mercedes-Benz | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation, Mercedes-Benz was able to perform 50% less testing, development, and planning compared to previous upgrades.

“Eighty to ninety percent of our potential problems were taken care of by Panaya."

- Sanjeev Sharma, SAP Regional Support Manager

Dunelm Reduces SAP ERP Testing Time by 40% with Panaya

Dunelm | SAP Testing

Dunelm is a global home furnishings company with more than 6,000 employees. The company relies on SAP to run its operations across 1,000 locations.

With Panaya, Dunelm moved from SAP ECC 5 to ERP 6.0 and saved 40% on total testing project time, 50% on authoring and executing test scripts, and 60% in testing cycle times.

“Panaya made SAP ERP testing easy for our business key users.”

- Vamsi Chirumamilla, Dunelm's testing manager


Kulicke & Soffa | Oracle Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, K&S upgraded to EBS 12.1.3 while saving 75% on impact analysis, 20% on total project duration and reducing unit testing by 10%.

“Before you even start your impact analysis, go and buy Panaya.”

- Ganesh M.S, K&S lead business process analyst


Uni-IT-DTU |Oracle Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Uni-IT-DTU upgraded to EBS 12.1.3, while saving 35% on code corrections, Identified 5,000 duplicate reports and fixed 1,000 broken objects, go live went smoothly with minimal disruptions.

"With Panaya, you can see it all very clearly"

- Jesper Bülow Sivertsen - Oracle consultant



Prince George's County Public Schools | Oracle Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, PGCPS upgraded from EBS to EBS 12.1.3 while saving 20% of the allocated budget, reducing code corrections by 75% in minimal system downtime.

“Panaya gave us a better way to manage our objects and our data systems going forward."

- Youssef Antar, PGCPS's Director of Technology Applications


Aibel AS | Enhancement Package Automation

Using Panaya, Aibel AS moved to EHP5 and used Business Function Activation for various SAP modules, while saving 20% on unit testing, reducing code corrections by 30% and having a seamless Business Function Activation. 

"Panaya pointed us to transaction codes we never would have thought about"

- Trond Jansen, ERP Manager 


Rosendin Electric | Oracle Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Rosendin Electric moved from Oracle EBS to Oracle EBS 12.1.3 while saving 30% reduction in project duration, 20% on outsourcing costs and reducing code corrections by 25%.

"We will definitely recommend Panaya to any other Oracle EBS customer."

- Anand Tamboli, Senior Director of Business Applications

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Ideal Standard upgraded to ERP 6.0 and EHP 5, while having a 30% reduction in project duration, saving 50% on code corrections and a 50% savings on unit testing.

"We did it all with very little disruption. Panaya is easy to use, quick to access, and virtually no set-up"

- Jill Harrison, Information Technology Services Projects Portfolio and Resource Director.


GraceKennedy|SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, GraceKennedy upgraded to ERP 6.0 while saving 20% on outsourcing costs, reducing code corrections by 30%, unit testing by 50%, and ending up with a 50% reduction in total project duration.

"Panaya was a must-have tool for our upgrade”

- Ronnie Henry, Business Manager


Stadtwerk Winterthur| SAP Support Package and Testing

Using Panaya, Stadtwerk Winterthur moved from EHP 4 SPS 7 to EHP 4 SPS 10 and from SPS 7 to SPS 10 while saving 35% on unit testing, reducing code corrections by 20%, and CHF 5,000 saved on outsourcing costs.

"Panaya gave us the security that we were testing the right things"

- Peter Haltiner, Head of SAP


LEICHT | SAP Upgrade Automation

LEICHT upgraded to ERP 6.0, using Panaya, saving; 30% in project duration, cutting €15,000 from outsourcing costs, reducing scope to 1600 objects from 9,000 and completing the whole project in just three months.

“For us, Panaya's results were quite amazing"

- Ralph Grolig, SAP consultant


DTU | Oracle Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Uni-IT moved from Oracle EBS to Oracle EBS 12.1.3, while reducing code corrections by 35%, Identifying 5,000 duplicate reports and fixing 1,000 broken objects. 

"With Panaya, you can see it all very clearly"

- Jesper Bülow Sivertsen, Oracle consultant to DTU 


Mercedes-Benz | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation, Mercedes-Benz was able to perform 50% less testing, development, and planning compared to previous upgrades.

“Eighty to ninety percent of our potential problems were taken care of by Panaya."

- Sanjeev Sharma, SAP Regional Support Manager


Sigdo Koppers | Enhancement Package Automation

Using Panaya, Sigdo Koppers, with the help of VisionOne, upgraded to Enhancement Pack 5 while saving 50% on outsourcing costs, reducing code corrections by 57%, unit testing by 57%, and completed the project 6 months earlier than planned.

“Panaya fills an empty space that SAP customers have in terms of testing.”

- Roberto Puente Poblete, CIO


Entegris | SAP Upgrade Automation

“You can see every test step with the automatically generated screen shots, so testing is much more thorough.”

- Don Knutson, Director of Enterprise Business Systems



Milk Link | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Milk Link sucessfully migrated SAP ERP 6.0 to the cloud, while reducing code corrections by 25%, and ended up with a project 25% shorter than planned.

“It was clearly more cost-effective for us to use Panaya.”

- Dan Barton, SAP Solution Manager


AAE | SAP Support Package Automation

Using Panaya, AAE made the leap of SPS 12 to SPS 20 in one project, and in the process reduces 25% of their old code base.  With Panaya, AAE found it easier than ever to stay current on the latest SAP Support Packages.

“You can't put a price tag on your comfort level - our investment in Panaya was well worth it.”

- Martin Stuber, CIO


Takasago | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation,Takasago was able to save 70% on code corrections, 50% on unit testing, 50% savings on test documentation and 20% reduction in product duration.

"Panaya's Test Recorder was essential – it was our biggest time saver."

-Menno Poutsma, Director of Business Systems


Informa | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Informa upgraded to ERP 6.0 , reducing code corrections by 40%, unit testing by 25%, and ending up with a project 25% shorter than planned.

“"The business team was really happy with how the project was executed – we were able to save them a lot of problems."

- Alun Morgan, Test Manager


Ohlthaver & List | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Ohlthaver & List upgraded to ERP 6.0 while saving 75% on outsourcing costs, reducing code corrections by 50%, unit testing by 25%, and ending up with a project 30% shorter than planned.

"There's no question Panaya minimized our go-live risks"

- Lars von Bergen, project manager

forest laboratories

Forest Labs | SAP Support Packs 

Using Panaya, Forest Labs moved from SPS 16 to SPS 18 and from SPS 18 to SPS 19, while reducing code corrections by 15%, unit testing by 20%, and bug fixes by 43%.

"With Panaya, we have a laser focus on the areas we want to test."

- Robert Osterhaus, Director of Delivery


AMANN | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Amann upgraded from SPS 16 to SPS 18 in 2011, and to SPS 20 in 2012 ,while saving 90% during analysis Phase, 50% in project duration and Reduced working hours by 50% on 2nd install.

"With Panaya, nothing falls in between the cracks"

- Günter Koenig, Manager of Systems Services


CVPS | SAP Support Package Automation

Using Panaya, CVPS saved 100% on initial tests, 50% on code corrections, 25% on project duration, narrowed the project scope from 28,000 notes to just 450, and identified 7 undocumented cloned programs.

"How does anyone implement support packages without Panaya?!"


FEMSA | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation, FEMSA Empaque had 50% less issues to correct, 33% less labor to invest, and a 20% shorter project timeframe compared to previous upgrade projects. Thanks to Panaya, no external resources were needed. Go live went smoothly with zero production downtime.

“Panaya enabled us to spend much less time in the testing cycle than what we have done in the past"

- Francisco Flores, SAP Project Manager


Powell | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation, Powell was able to cut 35% off its upgrade duration, realize significant consulting savings, and reduce 98% of its upgrade issues, compared to previous upgrades. The upgrade was accomplished ahead of time, on budget, with the team "home for the holidays."

“The money that we spent with Panaya was more than justified.”

- Bob Oldrati, Controller and IT Director


JYSK | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, JYSK experienced 70% reduction in planning, 60% reduction in code corrections, was able to delete 20% of its ABAP programs after discovering they were unneeded, and completed its upgrade on time and on budget.

“Panaya gave us a crystal clear idea of what we would have to change.”

- Rune Skovsgaard, IT Director


EPTA Group | Upgrade to Enhancement Pack 4

Using Panaya for the EhP4 and SPS 19 project, Epta cut its project duration by 50%, saved 50% on code corrections, needed no outsourcing to complete the project, and finished the entire project in less than one month.

“Having a tool like Panaya that can address both the testing and development side is great.”

- Luca Ballerio, EPTA CIO


Minneapolis Public Schools | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya for their upgrade project, Minneapolis Public Schools saved $100,000 on their upgrade project, shortened the project by 80%, reduced code corrections by 70%, streamlined authorization changes, and completed the project on time and under budget.

"No exaggerations, Panaya saved us 80 percent of our project time"


Aluma-Form | Testing Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation and Test Generator, Aluma-Form updated their test library, saving 500 hours on test documentation, reduced code corrections by 65%, shortened the entire upgrade project by 50%, needed only 5 hours for the final testing phase, and went live on time and under budget.

"We did the driving and  Panaya did the writing. What a perfect marriage."


Phifer | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Phifer saved 67% on testing, needed 50% less developer time, spent 40% less on integration testing, and managed to shorten the upgrade project by 33%, resulting in a "non event", earlier than expected go-live.

"Panaya eliminates the risk of the business being affected and significantly reduces the project cost."

Panaya was very valuable at figuring
what objects will break and what to do to fix them.
Mike Lynch,
Vice President of Information Technology
Project Benefits
30% savings on code corrections   $124,000 saved on consulting costs
50% saved on consulting rates for code fixes via outsourcing   Panaya identified 95% of problem code
On-time, under-budget    

Project Synopsis
Move from Oracle EBS to Oracle EBS 12.1.3   Oracle EBS modules: Financials, MRP,Purchasing, Discrete, Manufacturing
Technical upgrade   Project driver: Support company growth and avoid advanced support costs


For over 50 years, Petmate has provided creature comfort for domestic animals and their owners. From auto-feeding stations to carriers, toys, and bedding, Petmate has introduced smart solutions for every stage in a pet's life. In 2011, Petmate was purchased by Wind Point Partners, a private equity firm based in Chicago. Petmate then acquired a number of respected brands including Bamboo, Kennel-Aire, WETNoz, JW Pet Company, and Canine Hardware. Today, the privately-held company's revenue is estimated to be approximately $250 million. To manage its diverse operations, Petmate relies on Oracle EBS applications.The Challenge

The Challenge

After Wind Point Partners purchased Petmate, they commissioned an IT operations assessment. The assessment confirmed that Oracle EBS would not be supported in 2013. With its ambitious growth plans, Petmate would also need access to the latest Oracle EBS functionality. "We've traditionally been focused on operations and supply chain management, but recently charted a new path focusing on growth including acquisitions," said Sudan Dewan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. "We have extremely high on-time fulfillment rates, but needed to make sure that Oracle EBS would help us achieve new corporate capabilities while continuing to support the business." With those factors in mind, in January 2012, Petmate made the decision to upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.1.3.

The Solution

With unforgiving deadlines in front of them, Petmate needed some upgrade solutions. Petmate released an RFP in February 2012 to find a functional consulting partner, choosing Lucidity in April. Mike Lynch, Vice President of Information Technology, also began conducting due diligence on systems integrators and tools. During his research, he came across Panaya.

The Panaya demo using Petmate's own data was eye-opening. "We felt the level of detail we got out of Panaya's impact analysis would enable us to utilize more junior development resources rather than costly senior consultants, saving us significant dollar amounts," recalls Lynch. With Panaya, Lynch's team would not have to comb through the EBS system by hand; Panaya would take them directly to the problem code. "We really thought Panaya would streamline the whole development process and make it much faster," says Lynch. Petmate signed on with Panaya in June 2012.

Astounding Results

The numbers back up the go-live result. Bringing Panaya on board considerably reduced the time needed for code corrections. Lynch calculates that Petmate saved 626 hours on code corrections, or 30 percent. In addition to the pure time saved, the consulting costs for the code corrections phase was also cut in half. As Lynch anticipated, with Panaya's results he was able to outsource the bulk of the code corrections, reducing consulting costs by 50 percent versus the expense of senior consultants. The consulting savings due to Panaya added up to $124,000! The biggest Panaya benefit? The impact analysis which gave the project a big head start. "Panaya gives you a lot of knowledge that somebody would have to try to dig up without it," says Lynch. "And their service was very responsive. Whenever we needed help, Panaya was there." Lynch also credits Lucidity, their functional consulting partner. "Lucidity was a huge value to us," says Lynch. "They had invaluable knowledge about the R12 environment."


Calian | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya, Calian saved 25% on its code corrections, finished the project 20% under-budget, cut 2.5 months off the project duration, and saved $20K on delta consulting.

"This is a no-brainer, especially given the price"


2Wire | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya for their ERP 6.0 upgrade, 2Wire saved 30% on code corrections, reduced their project duration by 15%, saved 48 weeks of internal resource time, and used Panaya to help establish executive buy-in.

"We used Panaya to manage risk and change - that combination enabled us to make the upgrade wildly successful."


NB Power | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya for their ERP 6.0 upgrade, NB Power and service partner CGI saved $200,000 on outsourcing costs, reduced their code testing scope by 90%, came in at 35% under project budget, and shortened the project duration by 33%.

"The earlier you engage Panaya, the more money and time you're going to save."


Chemtura | SAP Support Package Automation

Using Panaya, Chemtura went live on SP 5, Enhancement Package 4 and was able to reduce 50% of the upgrade's functional scope, reduce 45% of unit testing, reduce code correction by 40%, save 40% on consulting, and go live on-time and on-budget.

"We can now plan for regular implementation of support stacks instead of waiting years."


Newell Rubbermaid | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya's Upgrade Automation, Newell Rubbermaid was able to reduce 95% of its upgrade errors, cut the upgrade duration by 50%, complete the project ahead of time, on budget, and experience a smooth cut-over to ERP 6.0.

“We were not only on time, we slipped the upgrade in a year early.”

- Glenn Griffin, Global Director of Application Development


Courier Corporation | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya for their ERP 6.0 upgrade, Courier saved 20% on overall project effort, reduced code adjustments by 30%, realized a 20% reduction in unit testing, saved 30% on outsourcing costs, and completed the project on-time and 10% under-budget.

"Without Panaya, this would have been too big of a task."


Allegheny | SAP Support Package Automation

Using Panaya to migrate from SPS 14 to SPS 17, Allegheny shortened its project by 35%, saved 25% in problem code identification, identified 26 cloned programs for evaluation, and cut 60% of its SPAU adjustment effort.

"Panaya was our one-stop shop for the project's analysis and task management."


Coldwater Creek | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya to upgrade to ERP 6.0 EhP 4 and migrate from SPS 13 to SPS 16, Coldwater Creek did 50% less unit testing compared to its previous SPS project, saved 4 weeks on code corrections and security, didn't need any outside consulting, and significantly shortened its project duration.

"When we got Panaya, it was like all of a sudden we were given night vision goggles."


Esselte Group | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya to upgrade from 4.7 to ERP 6.0, Esselte saved 40% on unit testing, saved 40% on integration testing, automatically generated system documentation, and created a regression test suite for future use.

"Panaya helps to reduce a lot of unnecessary stress"


Palram | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya for their ERP 6.0 upgrade, Palram saved 85% on code corrections, saved 500 programmer hours, saved $26,000 on project management, and didn't need any external project management or ABAP developers.

"With Panaya's automatic code corrections, we were able to do all the code corrections without a programmer"


Centrica | SAP Upgrade Automation

Using Panaya for its upgrade, Centrica reduced 60% of its planned unit testing, reduced 75% of the objects it would have otherwise had to review and correct, reduced implementation costs, and worked through the project with an accurate budget and tesPanayat scope, resulting in a smooth, on-time go-live.

"Without Panaya, we would have lost valuable days at critical times during the project"


Biomet| SAP testing and HR support packs.

Biomet, Inc. is a world leading medical device manufacturer with 8,000 employees around the globe. They had unique SAP testing needs which required an automated testing tool capable of cross-system testing.

Since 2012, Biomet have utilized the services of the Quality Management Cloud for impact analysis, testing and HR support packs.

“It’s a very easy to use tool, with its automation capabilities, it really helps to speed up the testing process a lot.”

- Schmidtgall, SAP Center of Expertise, Biomet

Warburtons 1

Warburtons| SAP Testing

Warburtons is a 130 year old English bakery with over 4,500 employees. Their challenge was to simplify new SAP functionality and accelerate manual testing for multiple projects.

Panaya helped Warburtons attain a 25% reduction in testing cycle time and effort, 80% time saved on business process documentation creation while creating over 200 master test scripts that are leveraged across projects.

“Panaya gets end user buy-in for testing straight away”

- Harry Mockridge, Business Assistant Manager for QM


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